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GENBAND’s Quality Policy

GENBAND delivers innovative, value-added, sustainable, real-time communications solutions for service providers and enterprises worldwide. The goal within our business operations is to enable new services and increased return on investment for our global customers and business partners.  GENBAND is committed to providing solutions and services of the highest quality by continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system and fulfilling applicable requirements. We utilize proven techniques to develop, deliver and support solutions for our customers, and their feedback is integral to our pursuit of continual improvement. We strive to meet our customers’ requirements, while exceeding their expectations. We establish measureable quality objectives with targets for improvement that are aimed at enhancing our customers’ experience.

Customer Satisfaction

At GENBAND, Customer Satisfaction is one of the most important factors in driving the continual improvement of our processes, products and services. Our goal is to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering products and services of the highest quality, on time to all of our customers.

The GENBAND Customer Satisfaction Program is designed to collect feedback from customers about GENBAND’s performance as a supplier. Each year, during the first quarter, the Customer Satisfaction survey is distributed to customers around the world in multiple languages. Areas of focus in the survey include Account Management, Installation, New Product Introduction, Ongoing Experience, Order Fulfillment, Training and Technical Support. The feedback received is analyzed, results are shared internally and based on the results, improvement programs and action plans are implemented throughout the company.

Quality System Processes

All GENBAND products (hardware, software, service) are designed, developed and managed in accordance with the company’s Quality Policy and Corporate Processes. These processes govern the operating requirements, functional responsibilities and key product/process reviews necessary to ensure the most effective discipline in each phase of the total product life-cycle, including requirements, design, test, delivery and service. GENBAND’s processes are designed to reflect several Quality Improvement Standards, Models and Methodologies including ISO 9001, TL 9000 and SEI’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI - Level 3). Also included in GENBAND’s processes are Lean Six Sigma elements:

  • Processes are defined, repeatable, standardized and integrated into the business.
  • Development and Support processes can be customized to suit customer needs.
  • Product design and test activities are reviewed, approved, controlled and traceable throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Key practices, such as requirements analysis, estimations, maintenance, quality controls (including version control), product identification and traceability – are integrated in appropriate design, test and delivery processes.
  • Key project factors are tracked, including cost, functionality and delivery commitments.
  • Key Quality Development, Support Metrics and Performance Indicators are monitored and tracked to drive continual improvement.

Continual Improvement

GENBAND is focused on monitoring and controlling key quantitative measures of process, product and service quality to identify opportunities for continual improvement. Quality operational reviews are conducted on a regular basis to review detailed data and metrics on our products and services to drive improvement actions. In addition, Root Cause Analysis activities are performed on key customer impacting issues and actions are put in place to drive continual improvement. Thus allowing GENBAND to strive towards the further improvement and maturity of our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program.

Quality Certifications

GENBAND has been registered to the International Quality Standards of ISO 9001 and TL 9000 since 2001.

Tl 9000

Our current TL 9000 certification scope includes software, hardware and services and covers all areas of GENBAND’s operations: sales, marketing, design, development, procurement, delivery, engineering, installation, repair, service, training and support of hardware, software, and services. It is a large multi-site registration, encompassing  seven company locations and seven different product categories.

QuEST Forum Membership

GENBAND is a member of the QuEST Forum and is an active participant in Work Group meetings, contributing to the evolution of the quality management system requirements and measurements handbooks. 

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