Smart Office 3.1 Unified Communications Clients

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Smart Office 3.1 Unified Communications Clients

GENBAND's next generation of Smart Office UC clients deliver a stylish and intuitive UI that is dramatically less expensive to deploy and manage. Users will share a common experience from a PC, Mac, iOS, Android or web browser; deploy from your network or choose our Kandy Business Solutions Cloud UC. Based on GENBAND's patent-pending Omni technology, Smart Office delivers a rich UC client experience without requiring users and IT staff to constantly manage client updates across multiple devices. The next generation Smart Office 3.1 clients leverage a patent pending combination of WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications) and container technology to deliver voice, video, IM, presence and collaboration capabilities to both desktop and mobile devices.  

Reduce the Cost and Complexity of UC Client Deployments

These next generation Smart Office 3.1 clients solve many of the common pain points associated with UC client deployments.

  1. Dramatically easier to deploy with one UC Client experience across all devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web
  2. Less expensive to acquire, manage and maintain
  3. Reduce the number of "touches" to upgrade and maintain applications
  4. Assure that ALL users have the latest version of the UC clients
  5. Simple to rebrand and customize using HTML style sheets
  6. Quickly add 3rd party elements to create unique solutions
  7. Turn-key integration with powerful video conferencing and screen share

Enterprises are overdue for more substantive benefits from the intersection of the Cloud, the web, and real time communications. Customers already use UC services in their personal lives – they expect these same kinds of services tied to their business identity (business phone number). Too often businesses have struggled to justify the implementation and on-going support costs of a new UC deployment. Not anymore, Smart Office delivers the productivity tools users expect without unnecessary cost or complexity.

More efficient communications expedite collaboration and decision making. Oversubscribed knowledge worker needs a higher level of engagement so they stay focused and get more done, in less time. Why be burdened with the complexity of a separate collaboration app with yet another address book and login? Smart Office Collaboration starts instantly and is a logical extension of the user's UC client (a client is not required). Each user has their own personal collaboration room with credentials that don't change so if a meeting moves by 30 minutes the meeting invitation doesn't change. Anyone with a web browser can connect and participate - in the office or from the road. Meet with one person or use Outlook to invite dozens of participants. Once connected, participants can hear and see each other in full HD, use group chat for sidebar discussions and of course, share screens or content. Smart Office tools enable users to connect, collaborate and make decisions so they can move on to the next task.

Powerful Moderator Controls

To be productive collaboration users need to stay focused on the task at hand. Seeing body language and non-verbal cues offers tremendous benefits over a traditional audio-only conference call but that doesn't mean participants can't get distracted. Thankfully, Smart Office gives moderator's powerful tools to manage their Collaboration Room including:

  • Mute Audio - per person, all participants (with personal override) and all participants
  • Mute Video  -per person, all participants (with personal override) and all participants
  • Remove participant
  • Lock conference (to preclude new attendees)

With Smart Office the moderator has the power to keep their meeting focused and productive.

Better Collaboration Experience

  • HD quality video conferencing delivered to any device with a web browser
  • High-quality experiences across low bandwidth links – leverages Scalable Video Codec (SVC) technology
  • No telepresence room required – choose popular microphone and speaker options to create a dedicated room experience
  • Meet diverse value points – choose screen share only or full collaboration deployment 

Part of a Complete GENBAND Solution

GENBAND's next generation of Smart Office UC clients integrate with multiple GENBAND solutions including the GENCom clients, the GENBAND Application Server and Kandy Business Solutions Cloud UC as well as interoperate with industry-standard SIP devices.

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