WebRTC Gateway (formerly SPiDR)

An intelligent bridge between traditional Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks

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Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway

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WebRTC Gateway (formerly SPiDR)

Kandy Link, GENBAND's new WebRTC Gateway (the evolution of SPiDR), provides an intelligent bridge between traditional Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks and the open ecosystem of the Internet. Kandy Link empowers network operators to deliver competitive applications over the Internet and unlocks new revenue potential from their existing wireless and fixed communication assets.


Kandy Link, sits at the edge of the network and provides open, web-centric APIs that allow application developers to leverage the rich communications services of the telecommunications network – including voice, video, presence, shared address book, call history, instant messaging, and collaboration. Kandy Link seamlessly and intelligently interworks both the signaling and media planes between the web and telecom worlds and is offered as part of the GENBAND solutions for service providers and enterprises.

Broad set of WebRTC clients

Kandy Link introduces Web Real-Time Communications capabilities into GENBAND’s cloud-ready Application Server solution, and offers WebRTC soft-clients that simplify the deployment of unified communications and collaboration. These clients include:

  • Smart Office - GENBAND's next generation UC clients that delivers a stylish and intuitive UI that is dramatically less expensive to deploy and manage
  • GENBAND Real-Time Communications Client for Skype for Business™ - An innovative solution that allows enterprises to use Skype for Business for instant message (IM), presence and contacts, but still keep their voice, video and multimedia services on their SIP network (PBX or hosted lines) and provide contextual information (emails, calendar events, attachments, etc.) for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • GENBAND Real-Time Communications Client for Google Apps™ - A browser plugin that allows business of all sizes that use Google Apps as their main office applications package to integrate their SIP line with their Google Apps experience and provide contextual information (gmails, calendar events, hangouts conversations, Google Drive files, etc.) for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • GENBAND Real TIme Communications Client for Salesforce.com™ - A plugin that integrates the business phone line with Salesforce.com and allows their sales staff to make and receive calls from within their Salesforce.com experience, with automatica logging of calls into customer profiles and click-to-call capabilities within the pages

Kandy Link facilitates the deployment of universal applications, drastically reducing both the CAPEX and OPEX costs related to VoIP services for consumers and businesses. Designed using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, and leveraging Kandy Link's REST APIs, our clients provide a multimedia user experience and allowing subscribers to easily access their services from any web-capable device, or deeply integrated with the operating system via GENBAND's patent pending Omni Client Technology.

Vertical Market Solutions

Kandy Link allows operators to exploit the capabilities of their communications networks via simple, RESTful APIs. By partnering with other market leading organizations and vertical market experts, GENBAND is delivering breakthrough custom solutions that allow its customers to maximize revenue opportunities and win the battle for customer loyalty.

Enabling the Kandy Hybrid Cloud Solution

Enabling the Kandy Hybrid Cloud Solution

Kandy Link becomes a local extension of the Kandy CPaaS solution and provides, in addition to WebRTC gateway functionality, REST API proxy and media broker capabilities as well as the ability to deploy additional services in the network as micro-services.

Kandy Link goes beyond basic WebRTC gateway functionality delivering value added capabilities that accelerate the deployment of new services that contribute to enhance user retention, facilitate new revenues and markets and optimize the total cost of ownership.

For more information about the enhanced capabilities of Kandy Link, visit our Kandy Hybrid Cloud Solution page at the kandy.io website.


Webinar: Skype for Business (Lync) Voice/Video for Less with WebRTC

Watch On-Demand for a demo and to learn how to leverage WebRTC to easily & affordably add voice and video to Skype for Business™!

WebRTC Gateway Benefits:

  • Enables new, innovative services and monetizes the open API capabilities of GENBAND's Application Server
  • Facilitates web to telecom/SIP services integration by seamlessly interworking the signaling and media planes
  • OPEX and CAPEX savings by removing the need for OS specific clients/apps to purchase and install on every device
  • RESTful APIs between browser and gateway for web application developers that are not SIP savvy
  • REST is easily integrated into broader applications


Watch to learn how to leverage WebRTC to easily & affordably add voice and video to Skype for Business™!

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