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Kandy Consumer Solutions

The growing penetration of smartphones and affordable data plans has set the stage for a wide range of independent over-the-top (OTT) communications solutions that allow free messaging, voice and video calls from anywhere, resulting in a negative impact on the traffic and revenues of service providers worldwide. Rather than resisting the inevitable shift to IP communications, service providers and MVNOs have chosen to embrace the new technology and launch a service of their own.

OTT for Service Providers

GENBAND’s Kandy Consumers Solutions offer white-label, cloud OTT solution that allow service providers to embrace this new technology and quickly launch a service of their own. With GENBAND’s OTT Solution, service providers and enterprises can deliver phone calls, SMS, voice, video, chat and conferencing applications to drive traffic onto their networks and retain subscribers.

Kandy Consumer Solutions allow carriers, MSOs and MVNOs to take advantage of a telco-grade cloud network and a suite of applications to extend their network’s reach and deploy an IP communication and telephony service quickly and with low risk. Through intimate network integration, Telco OTT services can deliver a user experience that is vastly superior to what any independent OTT service can provide. In addition, since operators already have a billing relationship with their users, they can easily bundle new free or premium services to existing service plans.



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Kandy Consumer Solutions OTT Advantages:

  • Transparent routing of calls between telephony and IP networks allows users to use their existing phone numbers to initiate or receive calls on the device of their choice, be it a home phone, a smartphone or tablet application or a web app running on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Extend an operator’s “coverage” beyond the physical reach of their network and reach a user over any IP network anywhere in the world.
  • A white label service that allows carriers and MVNOs to launch their own brand of OTT service for telephony and other communications services.
  • Ease of bundling new free or premium services to existing service plans.
  • A multi-device solution that is optimized for mobile.

Why Wait for RCS:

  • Actively compete against social, peer-to-peer (P2P) and OTT business models while keeping and enriching the billing relationship with your customers

  • Provide a differentiated service that ties to existing DIDs and enhances data plan competitiveness

  • Offer new service models that bridge wireless and wireline offerings including single number plans

  • Include value added services such as stickers, content, official accounts, and other revenue generating add-ons

  • Create a unique brand and customized features for an OTT offering with less risk and faster time-to-market than the slow-moving RCS over IMS approach.


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