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Our standard GENBANDCare support packages are offered as comprehensive bundles of maintenance service elements designed to provide a full support coverage and address all customer needs. Each GENBANDCare bundled support offers:       

  • 7x24 Emergency Recovery Globally
  • Remote Technical Support for all case severity levels
  • 7x24 access to the online GENBAND Support Portal and Documentation Center
  • Software Maintenance Update Service
  • Software Subscription access to major releases, updates, maintenance releases and patches
  • Various Repair, Managed Spares, or Manage Onsite Spares coverage

7x24 Emergency Recovery – The GENBAND Emergency Recovery (ER) organization answers calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24x7) for E1, E2 and Business Critical issues with the specific responsibility to ensure network uptime and restoration of service in critical situations. Staffed with seasoned experts focused on critical issue recovery, the service is a key foundational element within the GENBANDCare support bundles and available on a global basis.

Remote Technical Support – GENBAND’s Global Technical Support (GTS) is designed to provide our customers with all the technical resources required to effectively support the GENBAND solution. Our Customer Support Engineers (CSEs) are product experts and experienced networking professionals trained to help customers diagnose and resolve any technical issue which may arise over the course of ownership of GENBAND systems.

GENBAND Support Portal & Documentation Center – GENBANDCare support provides 7x24 access to the GENBAND Support Portal and Documentation Center during the coverage term of the plan. Using the GENBAND online Support Portal, a unique password allows customers to create, update and manage technical support Cases and hardware replacement requests on-line 24x7. The new GENBAND Document Center enables access to product documentation, technical notes and product bulletins and provides powerful search capabilities and the ability to subscribe to email notifications about updated content.

Software Maintenance Update Service – Software delivery and access is a core value that a GENBANDCare support plan offers to customers to provide access to new software content and maintenance releases. GENBAND diligently focuses on continual improvement, including updates, fixes and software corrections to address field issues. The Software Maintenance Update Service provided within GENBANDCare support, provides for the remote delivery and application of software patches and maintenance fix content by GENBAND Software Delivery on a regular basis for GENBAND solutions under plan coverage.

Software Subscription – GENBANDCare not only makes available the latest patches, maintenance and minor releases for covered products, but also provides access rights to any major software releases  that GENBAND makes general available during the coverage term. This feature of the GENBANDCare support plan provides customers with the latest enhancements and improvements to previously purchased features and new major release software, helping to reduce software acquisition fees.

*Software will include the releases and functionality for which the customer has already purchased applicable Right-to-Use (RTU) licenses.

GENBANDCare Hardware Services – The GENBANDCare portfolio offers multiple levels of hardware support options and response times to meet every need and budget. From standard Return to Factory Repair coverage to 4 hour Manage Onsite Spares support, GENBAND offers many options as part of the bundled support packages.

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The Importance of Routine Maintenance

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GENBANDCare Hardware Services

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GENBANDCare Software Services


GENBANDCare Facts 

  • High CSAT, ranked better than competition
  • Technical Support located in 17 countries around the world
  • Coverage in 14 languages
  • Over 5,000 years cumulative industry experience within the support organization
  • Supporting thousands of installed sites across many hundreds of customers globally
  • Experts trained / dedicated for Emergency Recovery response
  • Majority of cases resolved at first touch
  • Access to GENBAND Support knowledge base, documentation, online content
  • GENBAND Software Delivery personnel averaging 14 years’ experience
  • Many hundreds of software upgrades performed every year – we are the experts
  • Online software upgrade scheduler


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