Interoperability Testing

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Interoperability Testing

Please see below for overview listing of completed GENBAND Interoperability Testing (IOT) as well as third-party certifications or qualifications achieved by GENBAND. More detailed information is available by clicking any of the available links.

NOTE: You must have an active GENBAND customer support account to access the detailed information. If you are a GENBAND customer and do not have a username and password, please submit an access request here.

Please refer to tekVizion (our independent Test Partner) for additional GENBAND-related interoperability test results.

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GENBAND IOT # GENBAND Product GENBAND Version Tested Vendor / Target Product / Service / Interface Version Tested Tested Configuration Other Notes
192 Applications Server 10.3 Avaya Aura 6.3 GENBAND SIP Trunk to SIP PBX Test Configuration
SBC 8.3       Test Report

Applications Server 10.4 Bell Canada Bell Canada SIP Trunk 2015 Bell Canada SIP Trunk Test Report
SBC 8.3        
294 C20 Call Controller CVM17 Mitel Mitel 3300 7.0 SP1 PR1 GENBAND SIP Trunk to SIP PBX Test Configuration
Applications Server 10.4 Mitel MiVoice MBG Test Report
SBC 9.1.3        
134 C20 Call Controller CVM17 ShoreTel ShoreTel Server 14.2

Build 19.45.8701
GENBAND SIP Trunk to SIP PBX Test Configuration
Applications Server 10.4 ShoreTel ShoreGear 90V 14.2

Build 19.45.8701
Test Report
SBC 9.1.3        
CIM 7.1.1        
283 SBC 9.1 Utimaco LIMS (Lawful Intercept) Df 2015-I Lawful Intercept Test Report

SBC 9.1 Interactive Intelligence  CIC 2015 2015 ININ SIP Trunk Test Report
268 C20 Call Controller CVM17 Cisco CUCM 10.5.1 GENBAND Enterprise SIP Trunk Solution Test Configuration
Applications Server 10.3   CUBE 15.4 Test Report
SBC 8.3        

Note-1: Testing performed in accordance with Bell Canada SIP Trunking Test Plan.

Note-2: Testing performed in accordance with Interactive Intelligence Test Plan.


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