Enterprise Media Gateways

Provides high performance and scalable connectivity

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G5 Line Access Gateway

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G6 Universal Gateway

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G5 High-Density Line Access Enterprise Gateway

Enterprise Media Gateways

Businesses are migrating to IP-based communications systems to improve collaboration and contain costs.  But many enterprises still maintain large collections of legacy gear––TDM phones and access equipment, and analog lines for elevator phones, alarm systems and fax machines.  For most large organizations it simply doesn’t make good economic sense to move every device to IP.  GENBAND’s Enterprise Gateways deliver pragmatic solutions to network transformation.  With GENBAND, enterprises can easily adopt IP-based devices and services where it makes sense, while maintaining legacy access nodes and endpoints where cost or other factors dictate. 

Protect and Extend Media Gateway Investments

TelcoBridges TMG Small Media Gateways provide high performance and scalable connectivity for E1/T1’s, DS3’s & OC3/ STM-1 Interfaces. GENBAND’s larger G6 Universal Media Gateway connects legacy telephony line access equipment into GENBAND’s C20 core as well as CS 2100 cores. GENBAND’S G6 provides a full array of access trunk interfaces supporting PBX’s over T1/E1 PRI, and legacy DMS (SL-100) switch line access equipment. The TMG800/3200 and G6 Media Gateways provide a cost-effective way to extend the life of TDM access technology. GENBAND’s G5 Line Access Gateway provides high-density analog line support, eliminating equipment sprawl and operating expenses.


  • Efficiently connect legacy infrastructure to a modern IP core
  • Protect and extend previous TDM and analog equipment investments
  • TMG800/3200 and G6 Media Gateways preserve existing line equipment
  • Dense G5 Line Access Gateway reduces sprawl and operating expenses
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and maintainability

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Enterprise Media Gateways

Enterprise Media Gateways
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Enterprise Media Gateways (G2, G5, G6)

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