IP eXchange (IPX)

Advanced signaling control, routing and comprehensive QoS assurance

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IP eXchange

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Regional European Service Provider Leverages GENBAND for IP Interconnect Expansion

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Building a Secure & Scalable IPX

IP eXchange (IPX)

Wholesale carriers and GRX operators are looking for new multimedia interconnect services to improve monetization and must overcome complex interoperability, security, and service quality challenges when interconnecting disparate fixed and mobile IP networks.

IP eXchange Solutions

GENBAND’s IP eXchange solution mitigates multivendor interoperability and multiprotocol interworking challenges and provides advanced signaling control and routing and comprehensive QoS assurance functions for SIP and Diameter-based services. The solution also lays the foundation for new cloud-based, hosted multimedia IP interconnect service offerings to mobile, fixed, cable, and over-the-top service providers.

VoIP Wholesale, VoLTE Roaming, Transcoding, and More

The GENBAND solution provides standards-compliant IP eXchange capabilities, enabling wholesale carriers, international long distance providers, interexchange carriers, GRX operators, global Inter Service Providers, Mobile Network Operators, and alternate transit providers to offer new revenue-generating services such as VoLTE Roaming, LTE Roaming, WiFi Roaming, VoIP, full HD voice with EVS, HD voice, video, messaging, transcoding, and RCS services.

IP eXchange Advantages:

  • Grow revenues and margins and extend markets with new IPX and roaming services
  • Supports multiple service types including multi-service/multi-lateral exchanges, HD VoIP, multimedia, RCS, signaling and media interworking as a service, and wholesale hosted applications
  • Delivers robust security and assured service quality at every interconnection point
  • Provides advanced reporting, IPX routing, and policy enforcement for streamlined administration and greater quality of experience
  • Leverages common hardware and unified management for lower CAPEX and OPEX
  • Provides broad protocol support to assure interworking across new and legacy networks
  • End to end elastically scalable NFV based solution consisting of SBC, TDM interconnect, Media, Transcoding including the EVS codec, centralized routing, QoS management, and analytics

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IP eXchange (IPX)

IP eXchange (IPX)
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